Friday, December 11, 2015

CONSCIOUS FREEDOM - Atman Nityananda

Self-realization in practice

Without to silent the mind (to still the mind, to make it Serene and tranquil) deep meditation is impossible. Without deep meditation, liberation and self-realization is also impossible

 If you want to deepen and advance in meditation and also you want to understand the workings of your mind and eliminate the egoic patterns from your psych you have to spend a lot of time practicing in solitude.

You have to talk a little because talking externalizes and hypnotizes the mind.
You must be alert and vigilant and self-aware moment to moment. You must constantly observe what happens inside you, observing every emotion, thought, belief, opinion, attitude etc. that is expressed in you. You must clarify what really is to be self-aware and deepen into this.

You must disidentify of thoughts and emotions, likes and dislikes the pleasant and the unpleasant. To achieve this you have to pay attention consciously to the psychological traits and at the same time to remain aware of the silent space within. That requires an extraordinary alertness. It is necessary to try it again and again, moment to moment, and also to do many hours of practices such as meditation, japa nama (repeating mantras), conscious breathing etc.

It is of great importance to practice in sacred places in which the presence of divine vibrations is very strong as well as in nature because the pure vibrations will help you to calm and purify the mind. You will be able more easily to raise your level of self-awareness. The vibrations will permeate your mind and your vital body and will give you strength to practice more effectively in the city where the energies are low, dense and demonic.

You have to investigate (enquire) time and again the state of identification (which is a waking dream) and the state of self-awareness and deepen in this. This is a long process; you have to develop self-awareness and stop identifying with the egoic self.  You must find out what helps you to stay more alert and self-aware and what prevents you to be so. You must discover how identification happens and how you can prevent the identification with the thought-streaming and the emotions.

You must invent your own ways to remember to be self-aware and stop identification with the mind when you are working or interacting.

Above all, it is necessary to be highly motivated to do all this with enthusiasm, perseverance and infinite patience. If you do so success is assured; there is no question about this because the whole universe is going to help you, because what you do is in harmony with the divine will and for the good of all.

Peace, love, harmony