Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Quieting the mind and meditation by Atman Nityananda

Quieting the mind and meditation 

Without to silent the mind (to still the mind, to make it Serene and tranquil) deep meditation is impossible. Without deep meditation, liberation and self-realization is also impossible

But to make the mind still and silent is easy to say but not so easy to achieve. The mind never stops thinking on something, -only very rarely-, because the core of the mind is the desire for sensual pleasures. Desire by nature is insatiable and constantly seeks variety, better and more intense pleasures. Thus if we wait that the mind will shut up by itself we will wait thousands of years or lives.

It ie easy to quiet the mind and make it still when it is pure and sattvic. To purify the mind and make it sasttvic is a long and demanding process and it takes perseverance, patience and constant practice for many years. To do  this steadfast and regular sadhana above all it is necessary a burning longing or aspiration to realize the truth. Without this strong and steady aspiration our efforts will lack of determination and since the obstacles are many and the resistance of our ego very srong and persistent we cannot succeed in this endeavor. That`s why many are in a spiritual process but very few reach their goal.

But although it is a difficult and demanding task, nothing is impossible for him who has a strong and steady determination to realize truth at any cost.

Moreover  remember that we haven’t to do everything simultaneously. We
only have to face the present moment. We have to go step by step and do our best in this very moment; and this is not that difficult.