Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Daily meditation on purity love and peace \ Atman Nityananda

 Daily meditation on purity love and peace

This meditation can be done in our morning and evening meditations for 5 minutes or more according our convenience.

Purposely I have put the 'I am' after the positive affirmations of love, purity, peace which are qualities of our true nature. Because if I say first the I am ie. 'I am purity' etc. unconsciously due to habitual function of the egoic mind, I affirm that 'I as an ego I am purity, love and peace, ie. that these are charectiristics of the egoic body-mind entity we think we are, while this is not the case. On the contrary when I say 'purity I am', 'Peace I am', "Love I am', I affirm that Love, peace and purity itself is my identity. In order to be this clear in our mind we can also do this meditation negating first our lower nature and then affirming our divine nature. (See below).

Mechanical repetition has poor results; it is very important to say these affirmations with feeling. If we have experienced in the past, moments of pure love and peace we can bring them from our memory and associate them with the affirmations. Never forget that in meditation (not only in meditation but in every moment) the most important is to be aware of the silent space within.

Purity I am, Peace I am, Love I am
Om purity, Om peace, Om love
Om, Om, Om!

You can do it also by negating first your lower nature:

I am not the body, I am not the mind, I am not the ego
Purity I am, Peace I am, Love I am
Om purity, Om peace, Om love
Om, Om, Om!

Regularity, perseverance, patience, faith, vigilance, concentration, observation, discernment, son necessary for positive results.

Normally every thing we start to exercise in daily basis it it takes at least six months in order to become a part of our consciousness and note obvious changes in our meditation mood and in our mind.

Of course this meditation as well as any kind of meditation in order to create a major change in our mind and psych has to be practiced for years a long with other practices as well as the development in a high level of discrimination, dispassion, will power, determination, detachment concentration etc.

 I suggest you to begin this meditation with the prayers of the previous post:

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Peace, love harmony