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Anger and Bodily sensations / Atman Nityananda

Anger and Bodily sensations
by Atman Nityananda

Some spiritual instructors say that anger ( which is an emotion) and bodily sensations are both energy and the only difference is that anger has plus a story, the story of 'me'. Is this true? Let see.

Everything that exists even what we call matter is energy vibrating in certain frequency. In respect to this point of view of course bodily sensations and emotions are both energy. But the body is also energy and the thoughts are also energy; This daoesn`t mean that they are the same thing. Body, thoughts, emotions, sensations, perceptions are all energy but they are different things although they are interelated and interacted between each other.

What is a bodily sensation what is anger

Bodily sensations and the anger are energies of a different level although are directly related and interacted between each other.

Anger is energy vibration of the psychic prana and bodily sensations of physical prana.

Bodily sensations

Bodily sensations are produced from the function of physical prana the nervous system and the brain. These sensations enable us be aware of what happens in the body in order to maintain it healthy and balanced and also to use our body properly.


Anger belongs to the astral body not to the physical body or the physical prana. Anger is only a modification of desire which is modified psychic prana and sexual energy crystallized in our psych from the era of Adam and Eva.

Anger causes a distorted movement of psychic prana which in its turn affects the physical prana and the 3 doshas (Vata,Pitta,Kapha) and the distorted movement of physical prana and doshas affects the physical body (the tissues, the organs and the systems).

An emotion is an expression of psychic prana or psychic vital energy and this movement of the psychic energy affects and moves forcibly the physical vital energy (physical prana) creating bodily sensantions. Thus sensantions are the result of the impact of the psychic energy (in our case in the form  of anger) to the physical prana.

The differences between anger and bodily sensations

First of all the bodily sensations do not obscure the experience of the Self (Atman) and do not intensify the ego-sense while the anger does.  

Anger has an altogether different impact in the mind and body than bodily sensations. While bodily sensations are only a natural experience and a useful function, anger is not. In our case anger is the cause and sensations are the effect. Anger causes damage and difunction of pranas, body and mind.

Anger causes disfunction of the mental and bodily functions.

In the mental plane rhe anger causes disfunction of sensory perception and blinds the intellect. Reduces the capacity of reason, understanding, discrimination, causes loss of memory, identification with the body, violent behavior, wrong understanding, intensifies the ego-sense, consumes excessively the psychic energy, destroys relations and peace individually and collectively.
Most of all anger clouds the intellect and impedes the clear vision of our true Self (Atman, Consciousness) and the experience of peace and bliss which is the nature of the Self.

In the physical plane the anger consumes excessively the physical prana and causes unbalances to the movment of physical prana and the function of doshas (vata, potta, kapha).
We experience in the body quick heart bites, irregural breathing, higher pressure in the vains, contractions of muscles, etc. We ma feel also very strong because the anger moves  great amounts of energy; thats why we feel later exausted -if the anger was expressed strongly.

 Anger and psychosomatic diseases

If someone is often in a state of anger this keeps the psychic prana and the physical prana in stress and distorted function; this unbalances and aggravates the three doshas which are the energies that keep the body and mind healthy. When the doshas remain aggravated for a long period due to anger or other emotion or psychological defect  gradually can appear some physical symptoms or a disease. This is what we call psychosomatic diseases.

The anger`s story

They say also that there is a big story (the `me` story) behind the anger, while in reality there is only a simple story. Behind the anger there is only the desire, nothing more or less.

Desire (which is the primary emotion and the mother of all emotions) is the impulse which in the thinking mind appears as `I want it, I want it, I want it'.
If this 'I want it' is obscured by someone or something then the 'I want it' modifies as anger. It happens in the same way that water becomes vapor due to heat.

And since the `I or ego and the desire are one and the same energy then it becomes clear that the `I` the desire and the anger are one and the same energy which modifies itself and appears as these three apparently different forms.

 Thus anger it is not a bodily sensation although it is experienced in the body but what causes the bodily sensantions.

In short, desire is the`I, desire is the anger; these three are one and the same energy assuming these three forms of expression as well as all other emotions and defects such as  fear, greed, depression, jealousy envy, impatience etc.).

Why we experience anger also as a bodily sensation?

Anger is the ego-desire energy (psychic prana level) vibrating in a specific frequency and a bodily sensation is a phenomenon of physical prana. 

But due to the fact that we experience the anger in the body, and because anger interacts with the physical prana affecting the body functions and organs we experience it also as a body sensation. The anger moves forcibly all the physical pranas, and thus intensifies the function of the physical organs and the function of the different bodily systems (cardiovascular, nervous, hormonal systems), that's why we experience the anger also as a sensation.

In summary 

The physical sensations we experience when anger is activated are not the anger; they are an effect of anger to the vital-physical level.
The bodily sensations are related to the body and physical prana while anger is related to egoism (anger is a modified expression of ego-desire energy); that's why when anger is active the ego-sense becomes stronger and we are identified with the ego-sense more intensively.

That's why also, when anger is strengthened the ego-sense is also strengthened, when desire is strengthened the ego-sense is strengthened. And the same happens with all other defects such as fear, greed, pride, jealously, envy, avarice, depression, guilty etc. because all these defects are only modifications of the ego-desire energy.

Peace, love, harmony