Wednesday, May 27, 2015

THE REAL JOY by Atman Nityananda

by Atman Nityananda
While the ego remains in our psyche, to enjoy life as remains just a wish but not a reality.

The ego, of which the main aspect is lust and desire for pleasure and its nature is rajasotamásic, does not allow us to have a clear perception and a natural enjoyment of life.

The ego, distorts every experience and projects in them his expectations, beliefs, preferences, passion, likes and dislikes etc.

Only a pure sattvic mind free from the ‘Iness and ‘Mineness, lust and passion can enjoy life and be free from suffering.

We can transform and purify the mind by being constantly alert and self-conscious, by continuous spiritual practice (mantras, kirtan, prayers, pranayama, meditation, self-enquiry etc.) and by focusing the mind within the heart.

It is possible to establish our mind in its source within and enjoy the atman-ananda by dedicating our live to truth, by abandoning willingly the sensual pleasures, the harmful habits and by leading a sattvic life-style and applying systematically a daily program of spiritual practices.