Wednesday, May 27, 2015

WHAT IS MEDITATION - Atman Nityananda

My beloved teacher, Shri Haidakhan Bhole Baba (Babaji), in deep meditation.

Meditation is the effortless absorption of the mind in the inner space of silence.

Meditation is the spontaneous absorption of the mind in its source which is the silent self-conscious emptiness.

True meditation is not an action but it is Being yourself in the deepest sense.

When we meditate deeply comes a point where we do not perceive or concentrate in the silence but we are the silence itself.

For a pure-sattvic mind meditation is easy, natural and spontaneous but for a impure- rajasotamásic mind is exceedingly difficult, it is rarely achieved and for a short tim.

The mind that is free from ego is spontaneously absorbed in the luminous silence. But to free our mind from the ego and to achieve this state of effortless meditation, it takes a lot of practice for a long time.

He who wants to live wholeheartedly the peace and the joy of Being there is no doubt he will achieve it in this very life.

Peace, Love, Harmony