Thursday, November 5, 2015

'Me', the Self and the world / Atman Nityananda

'Me', the Self and the world
Atman Nityananda

While each one of us is a part of the totality, due to ego we perceive us as the center of the world, as a separate individual which sees everything as friends or enemies  depending on how the ego understands things; depending on what pleases us and what is unpleasant to us according of course our ego's points of view.

Due to likes, dislikes, lust, desire and pride the Ego has obscured the clear vision of ourselves and the world and made us slaves of the instincts and passions.

Lack of clear perception, lack of understanding, lack of discrimination and lack of realization of our true nature has brought us in this state of separation and suffering.

Observe, understand and free yourself from this fandom of ego the slayer of Atman and the destroyer of peace and harmony within and without.

Work, do intense spiritual practice and meditation, liberate your mind from 'me'  and 'mine' and live the unity of life and the freedom of Spirit.

Be a worker of light, a channel of divine love and light, be an embodiment of the peace and bliss of God on earth!

Peace, love, harmony