Saturday, November 21, 2015

Never forget God ~ Arman Nityananda

Never forget God

Forgetting your Self and God is real death. Bondage and suffering come due to forgetfulness and inattention.

Forgetfulness leads to identification, attachment and the development of egoism and desires for sensual pleasures, which are the womb of delusion, suffering and diseases.

Do not spent your energy and time to illusory sense pleasures which always bring you in a state of separation, incompleteness and discontentment.

Death is waiting you every moment; tomorrow never comes.
Live every moment of your life for God-realization; seek the eternal beauty of divine peace and bliss, the abode of immortality!

Repeat the name of God, breath the name of God, sing the name of God, hear the name of God, adore the name of God; thus you will never forget God.

God and his name are one. Japa nama purifies your heart and your mind, leads to meditation and the realization of God. The realization of peace, love and bliss eternal !