Thursday, October 8, 2015

Our Soul is an embodiment of Happiness by Atman Nityananda

Our Soul is an embodiment of Happiness

The fact that everybody seeks happiness is a proof that happiness already exists in us. We cannot look for something that we ignore its existence. 

The belief that happiness depends on objects is the root of suffering

But erroneously we associate happiness with objects and external circumstances. Thus we strive to get what we imagine could bring us happiness. 

To get or to achieve what we want, implies time and effort; because in order to get something, action is needed and every action needs time. Believing or thinking that we need something to make us happy, automatically means that we believe we cannot be happy here and now without any precondition. And this is the root of our suffering.

Happiness is uncaused

Happiness cannot be depended on time, objects and effort. If it were so, it means that happiness could come to us and leave us at any time and it would be accompanied with suffering (as it is) due to uncertainty to get or to lose what we want in order to be happy, in the form of anxiety, fear, irritability, anger, agony, uneasiness, impatience, disappointment, depression etc.

It is not worthy to strive for something which is uncertain, which is only a possibility in the future, which is mixed with suffering and which we will lose when the circumstances will change, because this world is a continuous changing. 

Worthy can be something that is always present and unconditioned; -independent of time, causality, objects, effort and circumstances and unmixed of any kind of pain or suffering.
Unconditioned can be something which transcends time, forms and causality; otherwise it will be always subject to dependency, change, decay, birth and death. 

The only 'thing' which transcends time, forms and causality is our Soul* of which the primer quality is eternal existence. 

Our Soul is an embodiment of Happiness

Who wants to die? Nobody! In the contrary everyone wants to live forever. Why? Because our essence or Soul is existence eternal. Every one in spite of the body decay inside has always the same never ending feeling of eternal youth. This sense doesn´t relates to the body but due to ignorance people think that when the body will die, will die also this eternal sense of existence.
The very fact that we do not want to die show us also that the experience itself that we exist is very delightful to us; therefore we can conclude that our Soul is an embodiment of happiness. Therefore it is natural to us to seek happiness instead of pain or suffering.

So, who wants to suffer? Nobody! Everyone wants to be happy because our essence is happiness itself. Our Soul is an every present, infinite, timeless, formless existence and eternal, unconditional happiness.

There is no other happiness in the universe (in all dimensions) except the Soul-happiness. The one Soul-happiness is reflected in all human minds; but each mind according its purity and connection with the Soul (which is its source) experiences proportionally in some degree the absolute happiness (more accurately bliss) of the Soul.

This happiness is always present here and now and no external condition is needed to experience this Soul-happiness; we only have to be aware of the happiness that already Is in us; a tranquil, serene mind focused in its source reflects and experiences spontaneously the Soul-happiness. But due to the egoic tendencies and mostly the desire-element the mind cannot remain steadily focused in its source.  Only a pure-sattvic mind can rest effortlessly without a break in its source and enjoy forever the eternal bliss of the Soul! We can acquire a pure-sattvic mind if we practice systematically and regularly for a long time.

May God bless you all acquire a putre-sattvic mind and live forever the Bliss of your own Self or Soul!

Soul*: In this text Soul refers to our innermost Self or Atman. Sat-chi-ananda is the inate nature of our essence. Sat is Existence absolute . Chit is Consciousness absolute, Ananda is Bliss absolute.  

 Peace, Love, Harmony