Monday, June 16, 2014

HOW FREE AM I ! Sivananda's Poem

Sivananda's Poem
O free, O gloriously free,
Am I in freedom from birth and death,
From pain, sorrow, Karma and Nescience;
All that dragged me back is rent asunder.

How free am I,
How thoroughly free from cares and anxieties!
It is the grace of the Lord.
I am purged now of all impurities,
I dwell in the abode of silence,
Nothing can disturb or distract me.

I have won, I have won!
The wave of bliss sweeps over me now,
The breath of freedom sweeps over me now.
Nityamukta Svarupoham,
I am eternally free Rasa or essence.

No bending, no kneeling,
No "Good morning, Sir",
No "Ji Huzur, sir",
No "Obedient servant",
No "I beg to remain";
But I am Emperor of the three worlds,
Atma Samrat, Svarat, Self-king.

Suddhoham, Buddhoham, Niranjanoham,
Samsara Maya Parivarijitoham.
Pure, fully illumined, spotless,
Free from the taints of Samsara am I.

-- Sri Swami Sivananda

a) Karma - Cause and Effect 
 b) Nitaymukta Svarupoham - I am the Eternally Liberated Self
c) Rasa - Essence
d) Atma Samrat, Svarat - Self King.
e) Suddhoham, Buddhoham, Niranjanoham - I am Purity, Wisdom, Perfection
f) Samsara Maya Parivarijitoham - I am victorious over the illusion world of rebirth

Peace, love, harmony