Friday, June 27, 2014

THY REAL NATURE - Swami Sivananda


By Swami Sivananda

''Curb the mind ruthlessly. Annihilate desire.
When desire diesmind is your slave.
Become desireless and be victorious.''
Religion is faith for knowing and worshipping God. It is not a matter for discussion at a club table. It is the perception and realisation of the True Self. It is the fulfilment of the deepest craving in man. Therefore, hold religion as the goal of your life. Live every second of your life for its realisation. Life without religion is real death.

Analyse your thoughts. Scrutinize your motives.
Remove selfishness. Calm the passions.
Control the senses (Indriyas).
Destroy egoism.
Serve and love all. Purify your heart.
Cleanse the dross of your mind.
Hear and reflect.
Concentrate and meditate.
Attain Self-realisation.

There is something dearer than wealth. There is something dearer than your wife. There is something dearer than your children. There is something dearer than your life itself. That dearest something is thy own Self (Atman). Inner Ruler (Antaryamin), Immortal (Amritam).

This Immortal Self can be realised by incessant practice of meditation.

O Saumya! Dear Immortal Self! Be bold: Be cheerful, even though you are unemployed, though you have nothing to eat, though you are clad in rags.
Thy essential nature is Sat-Chit-Ananda (Truth-Consciousness-bliss).

The outer cloak, this mortal physical sheath is an illusory production of Maya.
Smile, whistle, laugh, jump, dance in joy and ecstasy.
Sing Om Om Om! Ram Ram Ram!
Come out of this cage of flesh. Thou art sexless Atma. Thou art that Atma who dwells in the chambers of your heart. Act as such. Feel as such. Claim your birthright, not from tomorrow or the day after, but right now from this very second. .

Tat Tvam Asi (Thou art That). Feel, Assert, Recognise, Realise, my beloved Ram!

Find out your centre. Dwell always in this centre.
This centre is the abode of Supreme Bliss and Eternal Sunshine.
This centre is the Param Dham or Paramagati or Supreme Goal.
This centre is your sweet original home, the abode of immortality and fearlessness.
This centre is Atma or Brahman.
This is the Imperishable Brahmic seat of ineffable splendour and glory!

 extract of his book ESSENCE OF YOGA (free download)