Friday, November 16, 2012

The essence of Advaita Vedanta

The essence of Advaita Vedanta 
by Swami Chitananda 

So, the heart of Vedanta is your divinity, that you are unborn, imperishable, all-perfect. You are of the nature of existence, consciousness, bliss absolute — Sat-Chit-Ananda Atman (Awareness or Pure Consciousness).
You exist, therefore you are sat. And your existence is not a dull, insentient existence, an unconscious, inert existence. You are filled with a luminous awareness, an effulgent awareness of your own existence, of your own being.
You know that you are. You are conscious that “I am.” Therefore you are chit.
You are not what is seen as the outer person. That is only nama and rupa—name and form. Within this name and form, which is the apparent man, which is the false man, which is the temporary, ever-changing mask which passes away—behind, beyond and hidden in this name and form, you exist as a radiant centre of luminous consciousness.
And in that pure state, you are totally free from all imperfect experiences that pertain to this physical and psychological consciousness, totally free—no anxiety, no pain, no suffering, no worry, no bondage, no grief, no delusion, no fear.
 You are in a state of serene, unbroken, continuous, perennial joy, a peaceful, calm bliss that is your essential nature, your ananda svarupa atma (blissful essential self).
Sat-chit-ananda—existence, consciousness and bliss, that is your true being. Realise this and be free. Attain this knowledge and become free. This is Vedanta.
The essence of Vedanta is your divinity, and the practice of Vedanta is to be constantly aware of your Divinity—Atmachintan.