Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Consciousness is our true Self by Nityananda Atman

Consciousness is our true Self
by Nityananda Atman

Our real identity is the Consciousness but the ego creates the illusions that we are the body. Since our psych has been polluted by the virus of ego we lost our identity with consciousness within and we experience ourselves as a body-mind entity; viz. that we are a body-mind entity, limited by the instruments and separate from life and God.
Freedom, creativity, peace, inspiration, aspiration, happiness, harmony, love, compassion, unity arise in man from its Soul not from the ego.
Every human being is an instrument of consciousness and he took this form for two reasons:
  • Firstly to be an instrument of consciousness so as the consciousness to be aware of itself.
  • Secondly to express the divine qualities of peace, love, happiness, wisdom in the matter and to spiritualize the matter itself.
But due to ego man has forgotten its purpose engaging himself only in material purposes with main goal to derive pleasure through sensual experiences.  
The ego-virus makes everyone to believe that he is the ego itself. Because of this the ego uses undisturbed the intellect, mind, heart, vital energy and sexual energy, senses and body for its own satisfaction. Ego misuses and distorts the mental, emotional, vital, sexual energies to experience superficial sensual pleasures. Thus ego makes the whole structure dysfunctional physically and psychologically.
Suffering is caused from the separation of man from his consciousness (God) and the consequences of the sensual pleasures. Ego seeking pleasures misuses and overuses the body, the mind and senses and causes damage to them. The ego in order to get what it wants makes sinful actions which create painful karma. In addition the ego causes all the negative emotional, vital and mental negative qualities of fear, anger, depression, sorrow, greed, hatred etc. The Humanity nowadays, individually and collectively experience enormous suffering due to enormous growth of the ego-virus.
The only way to freedom, happiness, peace and love is to eliminate the ego brunch and roots from our psych. All external ways for peace, unity and happiness individually and collectively have failed repeatedly.
Take part in the revolution of consciousness that take place on earth. Follow the path of truth, simplicity and love. Be a spiritual hero and eliminate all negative propensities from your psyche. Dive deeply in your heart and realize your identity with the supreme spirit within. Express all divine qualities in this world.
Be an embodiment of peace, love and harmony.