Thursday, January 28, 2016

There is only one desire - Atman Nityananda

There is only one desire

I have written in previous essay that in reality there is only one desire: the desire to experience pleasure and satisfaction. The desire tries to find pleasure and satisfaction in association with the sensory experiences and objects.

That means that the objects are only the means that fulfill the main goal which is pleasure and satisfaction. The objects may vary but the goal is the same pleasure and satisfaction.

These days 'by chance' I found in a website that some researchers also found that humans are addictive to seeking itself and not only to the substances. That the main problem is more the constant impulse of seeking itself than a specific addiction to some object or substance.
I put here an extract from this article:

""A new study by researchers at the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón seems to confirm this finding. The study says that the widespread belief that dopamine regulates pleasure should be discarded.

According to the study, dopamine is not connected to the moment of pleasurable attainment of an end result of seeking, but rather to the ACT OF SEEKING ITSELF. This may explain why people spend hours, days, months and years enslaved in the act of seeking eating the best donut in the bakery, purchasing the nicest clothes, drugs, porn,....

That’s how we get a continuous “hit” of dopamine — through the act of seeking itself. 

We could be addicted to anything – as long as the seeking for it is continuously giving us the hit.
They call it 'act of seeking itself' but according my own experience this is the desire mechanism which impels us continuously to find pleasurable experiences. And as I said in previous essays in reality there is only one pleasure, the sexual pleasure. All other objects (like food, drinks, substances etc.) are substitutes for the sexual pleasure. The most common substitute is food pleasure because the mouth is made from the same tattva with genitals.

The desire is illogical and projects itself to innumerable objects through imagination and identification. That's why the companies spend millions of dollars to adverdise their products. 

And what is the main way to delude the consumers?  Sex. Most of ads have a woman mainly or a man which tries by any mean to trigger the sexual desire of the consumers in order to associate this desire with the image and the name of their product. If the desire mechanism or an emotion arises during the play of the ad then the association has been made and the consumer's mind is programmed and conditioned by this. You may say no but it is certainly yes. You cannot avoid this. This becomes a seed in your subconscious and will flourish when the time will come. Only a yogi with great capacity of detachment and self-awareness could avoid this. 

Thus the desire mechanism through imagination, projection, association and identification multiplies and associates itself with different objects. Thus the innumerable desires are born.

Of course desire creates in us the uneasiness,, discontentment, incompleteness, boredom, so as to impel us seek something pleasurable to overcome these negative states at least for a while, because desire is insatiable and wants more and more pleasure (greed). The three characteristics of desire is that wants more, better, more intense pleasure. And when doesn't find pleasure and satisfaction then transforms itself in disappointment, depression, melancholia, etc.

Fortunately the desire mechanism is not the unique factor that functions in us. From our Soul comes the impulses and aspirations for happiness, love, intimacy, freedom, creativity, Truth, immortality etc.

Every human being is a field in which play all lower and superior powers and energies of the universe. Our lower self clings towards pleasurable exhilarating experiences which give short term satisfaction and sense pleasure and our Soul impels us find everlasting happiness , freedom, love, peace etc.

The intellect is between the lower self and the soul. If the intellect is hypnotized by the illiusive power of desire then we become victims of desire and suffer in various ways. If the intellect clings more to the deeper aspirations of the Soul then it becomes our faithful servant and the powerful instrument by which we can free our mind from the desire mechanism and all its modifications and branches (The desire expands as greed, attachments, addictions, likes-dislikes, attraction-aversion and also as impatience, fear, anger, envy, disappointment, depression, etc. and then to all mental and emotional distortions).

According my experience it is of great importance for the aspirants after truth to investigate how this desire mechanism functions, how deludes us, how we are caught in its teeth and how can we liberate our mind from its clutches.

Association, projection, identification, superimposition and imagination are the arms of the desire mechanism.

We must investigate how identify with the impulse of desire and how we are deluded by the imaginations and projections of desire on the objects.

Discrimination, self-control (control of senses and mind), dispassion, detachment, self-awareness, constant vigilance and alertness, concentration, prayer, japa nama meditation as well as patience, perseverance, determination, forbearance, self-confidence and a sattvic living are essentials in order to eliminate the mechanism of desire.