Thursday, January 7, 2016

The "I" and the Self by Atman Nityananda

 The "I" and the Self
Although as a human being we are a part of the whole, however, because of the ego we perceive ourselves as the center of the world (in the level of our essence or consciousness we are the center of the universe but I am not referring to this now). Everything revolves around our ego. We perceive ourselves as a separate individual who sees the others as friends or enemies, depending on what is pleasant or unpleasant for us, according the views of our ego, its  beliefs and opinions.

The likes, dislikes, lust, desire, anger, fear and pride (which are the most important defects that constitute the ego) have obscured the clear vision of ourselves and the world and thus we are under the dominion of mechanical compulsive mental and emocional patterns, desires and passions.

Due to the lack of clear perception, lack of understanding and lack of discernment, caused by the ego, we are unaware of our true nature (the divine Being, Atman) and have fallen into this state of identification with the body and mind, of separation and suffering.

However, our real Self never suffers and we are never separated from ´Him´. The separation is only an illusion caused by the ego and the suffering happens only in the mind due the egoic tendencies and energies. Thus the ego which is like a virus in the mind is the root cause of the illusory separation and suffering. A mind free from ego and the gunas tamas y rajas assumes its original state of sattva and easily merges in its source (consciousness, divine Being, Arman) and by this all separation and suffering vanishes forever.

Since the ego is our real enemy and not something outside in the world  then its dissolution together with all its branches is inevitable to regain our original state of innocence and realize our unity  ( more accurately the Oneness) with the divine consciousness and the unity between all creatures in the universe. Realizing this we will realize that we are the centerless center of the universe, the source of everything that exists  in the whole cosmos. As a body mind entity we continue to be a part of the universe but perceiving and living in unity with all and at the same time we will realize that as consciousness we are the center of all.

You can practice only now

The best time to make this effort to get rid of the ego and its illusions is now. This work is not for tomorrow; tomorrow does not exist and will never come. Tomorrow there will be a new tomorrow, and this will lead to a new tomorrow; It is a vicious circle.

Only now we can do something to free our mind of this cunning ego. Do not postrone for tomorrow what you can do only now. Do not delay. Stand up and do your best. Working from moment to moment slowly and gradually (although for the ego this small actions of the moment may seem insignificant) we walk firmly and decisively to freedom, peace and joy of the Self.

Do not listen to your ego when says: you cannot succeed, that is not for you, that is very difficult, that is better to do it later when the circumstances will be better, or other absurd suggestions which have only as a purpose to discourage you, to abandon the practice and remain a slave of the ego´s will.

I want to do it! I can do it! I will do it! I'll make it! This has to be your motto!

Observe yourself (mind, heart, energy,  thoughts, emotions, moods, sensations, impulses, desires etc.), disidentify of the egoic patterns (mental and emotional), repeat the name of God, breath consciously, pray for help, affirm your true nature (Atman, consciousness, Brahman) and negate the identification with the body, mind and ego. Free yourself from this fandom of ego the murderer of
Atman and the destroyer of peace and harmony within you and out in the world.

Make intense sadhana (regular , systematic spiritual practice) and meditation, free your mind of "I" and "mine", from desires, anger, fear, anxiety, pride and experience the unity of life and freedom of the Consciousness within you.

If you practice regularly, with devotion, courage, self-confidence, determination, perseverance and patience there is no doubt that you will succeed. There is no any doubt!

Be original. Be inventive.
Be courageous. Take courage again and again.
Do not imitate. Be strong. Be upright.
Think with your own head. Be your Self
It dοesn´t matter even if you fail a thousand or a million of times. Get up and doing with double determination and strength. Failures are part of the process. They are opportunities to develop the necessary virtues as well as they show us our weaknesses and dissolve the imagination we have about the level of our progress and the imagination that we are free from the ego.

Do not waste your time and energy brooding on mistakes and failures. Find out the cause of the failure and the appropriate remedy in order to avoid the same in the future. But even if you fail again and again stand up and doing. Think positively and constructively; pray and wait for the answer (it will come for sure from unexpectable sources or ways, from within or without), investigate, seek, find out new ways to overcome of what impedes you follow your sadhana, of what impedes you to maintain equilibrium and equanimity and remain unattached and self-aware. The whole universe is going to help those who work to realize the Truth (Consciousness, Atman, God) and express the divine love, peace and harmony in this world.

Be a lightworker, a channel of the divine love and light, a personification of the peace, love and joy of God on earth! 

Peace, love, harmony