Friday, January 29, 2016

The struggling ego and the blissful Soul ~ Atman Nityananda

The struggling ego and the blissful Soul 

The worldly life is a struggle to overcome the innate emotions of uneasiness, discontentment, something is lacking and dissatisfaction through pleasant experiences, sensual pleasures and comforts, as well as to overcome the fear of rejection, to be not accepted and the feelings of insufficiency, and inferiority and feel that we are recognized, accepted and special.

When our ego do not achieve this we become angry, depressed, more insecure, we are overwhelmed by resentment, disappointment, frustration, loneliness, isolation, etc.

But that is the game of ego which limits us to the body, the senses and the lower mind. It is the ego that as a cloud covers our essence which is always free from all suffering and pain; which it is an inexhaustible source of peace and happiness without limits.

Even in the moments that the ego has totally dominated us, in our heart reins deep peace, freedom and bliss.

Stop identifying with the vital ego, this thief of happiness and eternal peace.

Wake up, remember that you are the King of the mind, the light of consciousness that illuminates the mind, the light which is eternal existence, freedom absolute and boundless bliss!