Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The ego, the desire, the beliefs and enlightenment by Atman Nityananda

The ego, the desire, the beliefs and enlightenment
 by Atman Nityananda

The ego and the negative emotions are not a creation of beliefs. The negative emotions and the false beliefs are a creation of the ego and the ignorance.

The ego is a set of several disorders (vital, emotional and mental) such as lust, gluttony, anger, greed, fear, disappointment, impatience, envy, hatred etc. These psychological disorders are directly related to lust and desire which are modified sexual energy crystallized in our energy field and the mind.

The ego has two main branches, desire and pride. All other branches of the ego are related to these main branches.
 The ego in its various forms uses the mind (thinking capacity and other skills of the mind), the body, the prana and energy to enjoy pleasure and feel superior or special.

Lust and desire for pleasure through the senses whose main expressions are lasciviousness, gluttony, lust for drinks and other substances, greed for money and possessions, power, etc., and envy.

Their sons and among many are like-dislike, attraction-aversion, anger, hatred, fear, disappointment, depression, impatience, anxiety, discontentment and dissatisfaction, lack of fulfillment.

When we entertain sexual thoughts, these thoughts are triggered and feeded by lasciviousness. Lasciviousness uses these lustful thoughts to enjoy sexual pleasure. This is clearest in the dreams. The ego of lasciviousness uses the mind during sleep and creates sexual forms and sexual imaginations to experience sexual pleasure.

Pride is related to the superiority, inferiority, self-esteem, self-image, specialty, self-importance, insecurity, fear, anger, hatred, and is also related to desire. Pride uses the power, the money, the bodily, mental and emotional capabilities, the possessions, positions, in order to feel better, special or higher.
When something impede the expression of Pride and desire they assume the form of anger, hate, fear, anxiety, insecurity, anxiety, etc.

The processes by which the ego functions are the identification, projection, superimposition, association and imagination and the qualities that support these processes are the gunas rajas and tamas.

All these disorders together consist what we call ego or selfishness. Therefore the ego in us is not a singularity but a plurality.
This pluralistic ego is identified with the body, thoughts, emotions and the objects.
The egoic energies is ego  (lust, anger, envy, greed, greed, fear, greed, lust, hatred, etc.) and the qualities (gunas) Rajas and Tamas hypnotize the mind (Buddhi and Manas).

The impure or egoic mind is asleep and identifies with the external and internal forms and therefore it is incapable to perceive the light of consciousness which shines eternally, and realize that the consciousness is its source and that it (the mind) is identical with consciousness.

When the mind, by ceaseless practice becomes free from the egoic  energies and the gunas rajas and tamas and
becomes pure and sattvic, then by Self-enquiry or meditation merges with its source, the consciousness.In this state of total union man becomes God and God becomes man, the two become a perfect unity in the deepest sense.

This is enlightenment, this is liberation, this is the divinization (apotheosis) of man.