Sunday, July 26, 2015


 by Atman Nityananda

Are we already enlightened?
Of course we are not already enlightened. The Self or Atman (consciousness) which is our true identity is already enlightened but this does not mean that we as human beings are already enlightened.

Is there enlightenment and what is enlightenment?

Of course there is enlightenment. But enlightenment is neither for the ego nor for consciousness that is already enlightened.

The enlightenment is for the mind and the mind attains enlightenment when it becomes pure, sattvic and free from ego.

When the mind becomes pure, sattvic and totally free from all egoic energies, desires, the Iness and Mineness then the mind reaches the state of enlightenment and becomes identical with consciousness.

Consciousness needs a tool to be aware of itself and experience the peace and the bliss that are their innate qualities and also to express its wisdom and creativity creating this universe.

And this instrument is the human mind. The minds of the animals do not have this ability because they have the higher part called Buddhi.

When the mind is impure (rajasotamásic) creates in us the illusory identity of ego, and the identification with body. The impure mind is extroverted and constantly identifies with the sense objects experiencing pleasure and pain.

When the mind through various spiritual practices and meditation becomes pure and sattvic then stops to identify with objects and naturally seeks its origin (consciousness) to experience the eternal bliss of the spirit.

The pure mind easily meditates on its source (consciousness) and by constant meditation finally merges in it and acquires the nature of consciousness.
When the mind is united completely with consciousness, the ego and all its forms dissolve completely and this ilumimated mind radiates light, love, peace and the bliss of the spirit. This mind is an enlightened mind.

The man who has attained enlightenment is free from all suffering, free from the law of karma and reincarnation.
He constantly enjoys eternal peace and bliss.

Peace, Love, Harmony