Sunday, April 5, 2015


Still the mind. Listen. Enter the silence. In silence one becomes aware of his soul consciousness. Silence is a prerequisite for the apprehension of the reality. Enter the silence, realise the reality.

Silence the tongue; silence the desires; silence the thoughts. You will now enjoy the bliss of the eternal. Love silence. Live in silence. Grow in silence. Spend your life in silence. The truths of the Upanishads are revealed through the grace of God.

In silence there is God realisation. Silence is the peace that passes understanding samadhi (the superconscious state).

Train yourself to enter a state of ceaseless meditation. Strive diligently, patiently and with genuine humility to attain wisdom. 
Earnest aspiration and sincerity of purpose are the most precious assets to the seeker after truth. Silence conserves energy and gives peace and strength. You can amass inexhaustible spiritual wealth in silence.

The aspirant should possess tranquility, self control and compassion. An aspirant should avoid dainty dishes as they induce him to be voluptuous. An aspirant should not indulge in hearing worldly talk as it leaves worldly impressions on the mind and these stand in the way of fixing the mind on God.
If you are freed from attachment, you have attained salvation indeed.He who has strong vairagya (dispassion), utter distaste for all pleasures of earth and heaven is first to pursue the path of jnana (wisdom).  
Be careful. Be alert. Be regular in your meditation.

If you are careless and non vigilant, if you are irregular in meditation, if your dispassion wanes, if you yield even a bit to sense pleasures, the mind will continue to go downward.
Maya (illusion) closes in even upon a wise man if he stops his sadhana (practice) and meditation even for a short time. 
Develop vairagya (dispassion). Sharpen the intellect. Give up distorted and perverted thinking
Identify yourself with the pure atman. You will soon attain knowledge of the self.
 Peace, Love, Harmony