Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Myths of modern nonduality (Neo-advaita) - There is nothing to change ~ Atman Nityananda

"The duty of every man is to try continually to achieve perfection"
~ Mahatma Gandhi

  There is nothing to change - You are perfect as you are
 There is nothing to change, you are perfect as you are, are two of the common neoadvaita concepts.

Is this true? Yes and not at the same time. 

 There is nothing to change and you are perfect as you are, are true only regarding to our essential or divine nature, which is perfect, complete, homogeneous, indestructible, without form, without time, without cause, a source of unalloyed peace and bliss.

But this is not true regarding our mortal nature. Our vital, mental emotional and intellectual aspects of our being are full of imperfections, full of vital, emotional and mental toxins. These imperfections have the form of pride, anger, gluttony, lust, greed, jealousy, arrogance, hatred, fear, etc. So at these mortal levels, we do have to change. We have to eliminate all these imperfections and transform our rajasotamasic mind into a pure sattvic mind.

 One can say: "First we will realize that we are perfect and then eradicate the mental and emotional imperfections" This would be very nice, but it is not possible. This is equivalent to put the cart in front of the horse. These imperfections, called selfish tendencies, are what prevent us to realize that we are the eternally perfect consciousness and not the body and the mind. These imperfections cover the consciousness (which is the subtlest of all) and obscure our perception as the fog covers the space and the sun. How could a dense mind obscured by the selfish tendencies, perceive with clarity the consciousness that is the most subtle of everything? 

Can you see your face with clarity in a dirty mirror? No. First you have to clean the mirror. The clearer the mirror, the clearer the perception of your face. The same happens with the mind and consciousness. The mind is like a mirror that reflects the consciousness. The purer the mind, the more clearly it will reflect the peace and bliss (ananda) of consciousness which are not its attributes but its innate nature.

"Do not miss any opportunity, take advantage of every opportunity, every opportunity is aimed to your development and perfection."

"Be sincere, work in harmony, be flexible, adapt, adjust, accommodate. The perfection of the individual ultimately leads to the perfection of humanity."

"Perfection is attained when the intellect becomes as pure as the Atman (Consciousness) itself!"
~ Swami Sivananda