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Purity, The Prerequisite To Perfection Swami Chidananda

Purity, The Prerequisite To Perfection
Swami Chidananda

Purity is the prerequisite to perfection. No spiritual progress is possible without purity. 

Purity is the bedrock upon which an aspirant builds his or her spiritual life. Purified mind alone can take one Godward. Only a man of purity can strive on the path of Yoga steadily. 

Purification brings a thorough transformation of the individual and he transcends the lower nature into Divine nature.

The supreme Self who is immaculate, niranjana (pure and devoid of any blemish) can be experienced only in a pure mind. He could be realised only through one’s consciousness of crystalline purity. The Atman cannot be known through the mind or intellect. He is beyond sense perception. As long as our true identity is covered with mala (impurities), 

God cannot be realised. As long as the inner eye of wisdom is not opened up, the Divine perception is not opened up. The scriptures declare that He can be experienced only by the purified mind. He is to be experienced in essence, not to be seen or known or perceived. For this Experience one should attain purity of mind by right worship. This is the only method.

Upasana (worship) is the process of drawing nearer to God. Do right worship and experience Him. In the ultimate stage, the actual experiencing is only when we are like Him in nature.

The highest worship you can offer to God is direct communication with Him in a state of total absorption in deep meditation.

There are different types of worship. Starting from the external ceremonial and symbolic forms of worship, you go on ascending to various grades of spiritual worship, until the highest worship is attained within your consciousness in deep state of absorption in meditation, which is Samadhi. Meditation is the highest form of worship, which ultimately leads to Samadhi. In this state of Jnana and Samadhi, the consciousness becomes divinised, totally spiritualised, totally diverted of earthly elements. 

In that state of pristine purity, you enter into communion with God and thus when you have experienced Him and become established in Him, you become like Him, you attain a state absolutely like Himself. 

The ultimate declaration of the Upanishads is:
 “brahma veda brahmaiva bhavati” – the knower of Brahman becomes Brahman. [Mu. Up. 3.2.9]

God Bless You!

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Peace, Love, Harmony