Monday, September 28, 2015

Forget, remember and live the peace and bliss eternal by Atman Nityanada

Forget, remember and live the peace and bliss !

To desire the illusion instead of the Truth is a tremendous deception created by the ego. To lose the infinite for the finite it is the greatest folly. To forget your eternal and blissful Self for the sake of trifling desires for illusory pleasures is really a suicide.

Do not waste your time thinking and doubting compulsive and mechanically.

Practice, practice ... do not miss even a moment without practicing.

Arise, stand up and move on, be vigilant and alert! Disidentify your attention from thoughts, emotions, impulses, desires and sensory objects and focus it in your original source, your true Self within that shines eternally in your heart.

Forget ... Forget all objects and remember your own inmost Being, the Atman, the center without center, the  luminous  silent space, ever peaceful and blissful.
Remember  yourself (the Atman or Consciousness), be aware of yourself and dive deeper and deeper into yourself and live here and now and forever the peace and bliss eternal.

God bless you free yourself from the ego in this very life and live the bliss and peace eternal!

Peace, Love and Light