Friday, June 26, 2015

Why the practices do not work by Atman Nityananda

Why the practices do not work
by Atman Nityananda

If we practice mechanically, without interest and enthusiasm, very little time, without regularity and without trying to improve the way we apply the practices the fruits will be poor.
It is necessary to be proactive and investigate again and again the way in which we apply the practices, to discover the obstacles and find ways to overcome them as well as find out and overcome our weaknesses. It is necessary develop our capacity apply the practices more and more efficiently.

Remember that inertia, impatience, lack of self-confidence and inattention are among the biggest obstacles in spirituality.

It is very important to be constantly vigilant and alert, to observe and note what happens in the mind, the heart, the vital energy and body, to use the discernment and find out the relation between the action and the result, to look for the cause of each effect. All these are essential in this process.

We can ask questions to facilitate this process.
Why happens this? If I do so, what will happen? If I do it in a little different way what will happen? What prevents me achieve this?

Try new ways and note how they work. Make small changes or modifications. Test, and observe again and again. If you do your best, the results gradually will be obvious. No doubt about that.

Do not hurry to draw conclusions. The ego can easily deceive us if we are not vigilant enough and we are impatient to draw conclusions. Try again and again, observe, note, and reflect, as a scientist.
Spirituality is the science of sciences. But in this case we do not try to investigate something outside us, in the outside world, but our inner world, and we, ourselves are the experiment and the experimenter.

Burning desire to realize truth, devotion, faith, self-confidence, perseverance, diligent practice, patience and determination are the main qualities for the realization of truth and eternal freedom.

Peace, love, harmony