Friday, June 26, 2015

LIBERATION AND SPIRITUAL SADHANA ( spiritual practices) ~ Atman Nityananda,


FREEDOM, HAPPINESS and COMPLETENESS, are characteristics of our True Nature or Consciousness. We can experience them only when our mind is calm and focused in its source, the center of our existence, which is eternal, unchanging and the source of peace and bliss.

Mind introverted focused in its center (consciousness) enable us to be in contact with the eternal source of life (God, Spirit, Consciousness), stops the identification and attachment to the external forms and objects.
This has as result to experience freedom, peace, happiness and fulfillment.

Mind extroverted focused on external objects and forms causes identification and attachment to the external forms and objects, compulsive and mechanical thinking and negative emotions.
This has as result to experience bondage, pain, and suffering, with small breaks of pleasure, and fleeting moments of happiness.

With the aid of spiritual practices (sadhana) the mind becomes introverted and stays firmly focused in its center, the consciousness. When all egoic energies are totally destroyed the abidance of the mind in consciousness becomes effortless and without a break. This state is called Liberation. If we want to be established in our center and live a higher spiritual life it is necessary to organize our daily living properly and follow a well organized daily schedule of spiritual practices.

In order to bear fruits the spiritual practices, it is necessary to develop some basic virtues such as perseverance, patience, endurance in hardships and adversity, courage, firm determination, faith ( in himself in the scriptures and the Masters ).
In addition we should do the practices systematically. It is necessary to draw a well- organized daily program in which will set specific goals which will try to achieve by consistent practice and zeal.