Wednesday, February 25, 2015



 Ego is not a belief

Ego is that which distorts and clouds our Buddhi (intelligence-intellect), the mind and the heart and cause many false identifications and illusions. The main identification and illusion created by ego is the strong sensation that we are the physical body. Thus the belief that ‘I am the body’ is not the ego itself but a mental form based on this strong sensation that ‘the body is me’.
Knowing the above becomes clear that the sensation ‘I am the Body’ and the belief ‘I am the body’ are both created by the ego.

Then what ego is?

Ego is a field of energy which have been crystallized in our psych from time immemorial (The old testament says at the age of Adam and Eva and other spiritual masters at the age of Lemurians).

What is the nature of this ego-energy? It is modified sexual energy crystallized in our astral and mental bodies, that's why the main expression of ego is DESIRE. All other forms or expressions that the ego assumes are only modifications of this desire or ego-energy. So, greed, avarice, gluttony, lasciviousness, anger, fear, depression, impatience, jealousy, pride, arrogance, etc. (which very nicely Eckhart Tolle calls PAIN-BODY) are only modifications of this desire or ego energy.

Who has a strong ego? 

He whose his ego-energy is very 'fat' has a strong ego. What fattens the ego-energy? The innumerable expressions of desire and its modifications viz. pride, anger, greed fear etc. The more we desire the more strong the ego becomes. Each time we fulfill a desire the energy of desire in our psych fattens and this strengthens our identification with the mind and body. And thtis strengthening or fattening of the desire-energy fattens all negative egoic expressions (anger, fear, impatience etc.) because they are modifications of desire-energy. The expression of the negative emotions and identification with them also fatten the ego because as I said all these emotions are only modifications of the same ego-energy. Each time we express any one of the egoic tendencies and identify with it we strenfthen our ego.

Ego is not the word ‘I’, it is not a belief. What we call ego is modified sexual energy which assumes various forms and expressions. That’s why it is symbolized in Greek mythology by the MEDUSA and its main forms are:
These three together is the nucleus of what we call ego and they have as their center the desire.

Peace, Love and Light