Thursday, January 15, 2015

RIGHT AWARENESS - Sri Ramana Maharshi


102 When vision is focused on the outside, who can know the truth, whether of the real Self or of the world? But, with the mind turned inwards, the sage knows the truth of both by the eye of right awareness.

490 Right awareness dawns on the complete extinction of the mind, whereby all the mental habits also are lost. Deliverance is affirmed by all sages to be none other than the final and complete destruction of the mental habits.

491 One should overcome both desire and latency and keep the mind concentrated in the quest. In the quest for the real Self, this is like balancing on the keen edge of the razor.

117 By the vision of right awareness, the world, along with the soul, merges into the formless, real Self. The sages call that the vision of right awareness, wherein there is neither seer nor spectacle.

283 Right awareness is only dwelling in the natural state of the Self, after the extinction of the ego. In that state which is free from duality, these two manifestations of ignorance (knowledge and ignorance) which belong to the worldly life, do not survive.

118 In that natural state [of the Self] there survives only the Self, which is consciousness, worldless, alone, and without the six modes of change, such as birth, and so on. Hence, it (the natural state) alone is real in its own right.
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