Thursday, February 9, 2012

What is Nonduality - by Nityananda Atman

What is nonduality?

1.q All there is, is Brahman (Consciousness). This Brahman is non dual and beyond form, time, space and causality. It is an homogenous mass of consciousness without change, parts and without any kind of differentiation. It is Self-existent, Self-luminous and indestructible.

2.      The creation (gross and subtle forms) has not independent existence from consciousness.
Creation is an appearance in consciousness.
To be more accurate consciousness appears as creation due to universal and individual minds.

3.      The individual consciousness  (Soul, Atman) and the universal consciousness (Brahman, God, Spirit,) are One.

Everything is the ONE nondual reality

which nature is Existence- Consciousnes- Bliss


Peace  love  harmony