Monday, January 23, 2017



What people call my life is only mechanical, compulsive, habitual reactions (sensational, emotional, mental) to what they perceive through the five senses.

The majority of earthlings live more like robots than real human beings with inner harmony and awaken to their true nature. 

Although they act forced by the programming and conditioning of the subconscious mind, yet they think that they live consciously and also that what they do is the result of their free choice. They cannot perceive and understand their situation due to tamas and rajas gunas that are predominant in their mind.

Tamas veils their true nature and obscures their discernment, pure reason,  understanding and clear perception and rajas extroverts, distracts and agitates  their mind and causes dissatisfaction, discontentment, craving for sensory pleasure, power, money, fame and possessions.

Thus they are identified and lost in a non stop mental and emotional turmoil which ceases only temporarily and for a while when a desire or a need is satisfied.

As long as the majority of humans remains in this state of consciousness any essential change and real progress in our world is quite impossible.

Moreover we have to face the consequences of our mechanical unconscious behaviour which exploits all kinds of life on earth.