Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Habits and ego by Atman Nityananda

Habits and ego 
by Atman Nityananda
Habits are part of our selves but they are not necessarily patterns or expressions of ego. There are two kind of habits. The positive or constructive and the negative or destructive.

We can repeat the positive or not egoic habit consciously, viz. with attention and self awareness and without the intervention of ego or we can do it mechanically, without attention and with the intervention of the ego which means that we do it with impatience, boredom, passion, anxiety etc. For example taking a shower may be an every day habit. We may take our shower consciously and do it as a prayer or we can do it unconsciously and mechanically lost in our mind's imaginations. Positive thinking, prayer, Pranayama, yoga asanas, meditation can also become every day habits which will help us liberate our mind of the egoic habits.
The destructive habits (vital, emotional, mental ) are patterns and expressions of the ego (For example daydreaming, criticising, complaining,etc.).  The egoic patterns hypnotize our intellect and keep us in a state of inattention and identification, in a state of mechanical reactive living which is the cause of unbalances and suffering. The destructive habits destroy our physical, mental, emotional health  harmonious relations with our fellows and obscure the connection with our divine nature.

Through constant and sincere sadhana we can establish positive habits and liberate our mind of all egoic habits.  When we are free ego's patterns and habits we can rest consciously and without a break in our heart where shines eternally the peace, freedom and bliss of our true Self or  Atman .
 Peace, Love, Harmony