Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Μental nature according the gunas and doshas / by Dr. David Frawley

by Dr. David Frawley

of the three doshic types (Vata- Pitta-Kapha)
 according to the states of the three gunas (Sattva- Rajas-Tamas)

  • SATTVIC-Harmonious Energetic, adaptable, flexible, quick in comprehension, good in communication, strong sense of human unity, strong healing energy, good enthusiasm, positive spirit, able to initiate things, good capacity for positive change and movement. 
  • RAJASIC-Disturbed Indecisive, unreliable, hyperactive, agitated, volatile, restless, disturbed, distracted, nervous, anxious, overly talkative, superficial, noisy, disruptive, false enthusiasm, excitable.
  • TAMASIC-Darkened Fearful, servile, dishonest, secretive, depressed, self-destructive, drug addict, prone to sexual perversions, mentally disturbed, suicidal. 
  • SATTVIC -Harmonious Intelligent, clear, perceptive, enlightened, discriminating, good will, independent, warm, friendly, courageous, good guide and leader. 
  • RAJASIC-Disturbed Willful, impulsive, ambitious, aggressive, controlling, critical, dominating, manipulating, angry, wrathful, reckless, proud, vain.
  • TAMASIC-Darkened Hateful, vile, vindictive, violent, destructive, psychopath, criminal, drug dealer, underworld figure. 
  • SATTVIC- Harmonious Calm, peaceful, content, stable, consistent, loyal, loving, compassionate, forgiving, patient, devoted, receptive, nurturing, supportive, strong faith.
  • RAJASIC- Disturbed, Controlling, attached, greedy, lustful, materialistic, sentimental, needing security, seeking of comfort and luxury.
TAMASIC- Darkened, Dull, gross, lethargic, depressed, apathetic, slothful, coarse, slow comprehension, insensitive, a thief

 Peace Love Harmony