Friday, January 3, 2014

The best moment of your life is now - Atman Nityananda

The best moment of your life is now
by Nityananda Atman


Spirituality is to be always rooted in the center of your own Beingness.

It is to be in conscious communion with your essential nature within your heart and get rid everything that takes you out of it.

Your best moment
The best moment of your life is now, because you live only now.
The previous moment already has passed and the next one has not yet come. Therefore you are living only in the now.
This now is timeless, formless, and causeless and beyond what happens in it. It is the shapeless and formless awareness or presence.
Being every moment aware of that presence which is What you really Are, you live successfully independently of what happens in the phenomenal world.

                       Peace  love  harmony