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Ego, beliefs and suffering - by Nityananda Atman

Ego, beliefs and suffering
by Nityananda Atman

A false belief or opinion cannot necessarily create suffering by itself.  The suffering is directly created by the ego in the form of anger, hatred, resistance, fear etc.

For example, you may have different opinion than me about the nature of ego. So you may not accept as true what I say here. This cannot create suffering neither to you, nor to me if we have eliminated in us the egoic qualities of superiority, inferiority, fear, anger, jealousy, hatred, etc. We can be happy even if we have different opinions.

Religion beliefs also cannot by themselves cause suffering. Only the ego can create problems and suffering using religious dogmas and principles for its own satisfaction. Ego is always insecure and beliefs give to it some kind of illusory safety

Ego likes also to use opinions, beliefs etc. to create separation and suffering because through this it can survive in us and continue its games for pleasure, power, fame, name, comforts and superiority.   

Judgments and criticism to others is also one of the favorite games of ego. These do not happen due to a false belief or opinion, but because of ego’s desires for comfort, pleasure, position, fame and money, insecurity, inferiority, low self-confidence, jealousy, etc. 
For example if we desire what our friend or neighbor has or what they have achieved, the ego because of jealousy or envy can criticize or make judgments to them. 
By criticizing others the ego has an illusory sense that it is superior to them. This way the ego tries to overcome the insecurity and the inferiority that feels. Judgment gives to ego an illusory pleasure and a sense of superiority and importance. Ego likes very much to experience these feelings. 

The ego is our true enemy

There is no enemy outside of us. Our real enemy is within us, it is the lust-made ego which creates confusion and chaos within and without.

Kill this enemy by the sword of discernment, non-attachment, prayer, self-control, vigilance, japa-nama, self-enquiry, meditation, and love for the divine.

May be free in this very life and enjoy the freedom, the peace and bliss of your own Self or Atman which nature is Satchitananda (Eternal Existence-Knowledge-Bliss).

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