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How the ego deludes us by Nityananda Atman

How the ego deludes us

by Nityananda Atman

Ego makes us live always in separation from others, life and God.

Ego makes us live always in a state of discontentment, uneasiness, incompleteness, neediness, boredom, lacking of something, seeking some kind of pleasure, in a state of anger, bad temperament or irritation (which are subtle anger), fear, anxiety (which is subtle fear), and various degrees of sadness or depression.

Ego every moment make us to want or don't want something, like or dislike something, to be pleasant or unpleasant with something. Mentally and emotionally we are almost always agitated and restless. We are up and down like the waves of the sea and almost never in equilibrium, balance, peace, harmony, joyfulness and contentment.
Ego creates first an unpleasant mental and emotional state in us (discontentment, uneasiness, incompleteness, neediness, boredom, a sense of lacking),and then impels us to find some pleasure in order to overcome that unpleasant state. Ego does this because above of all it loves to experience again and again the same pleasures in a different, better and more intense way, especially food, sex, drink and entertainment.

The ego can more easily manipulate and drive us towards the pleasurable objects if initially creates in us an unpleasant state. Nobody likes to remain for a long time in an unpleasant mood or emotion. What is the easiest way to overcome this unbearable painful state? Of course it is to find something that can give us some kind of pleasure. With some pleasure we can, at least for a while, to overcome the painful or unpleasant situation. 

 The ego makes us also believe that the seeking of the pleasurable experience is our conscious choice. By playing this psychological game the ego hypnotizes and control us and very easily direct us towards pleasurable experiences.

Ego drives always our awareness to the external world of forms so as to make us forget our Divine nature within, which is eternally free, content, peaceful and blissful. If we are conscious of the bliss which is always present within us and free from all kinds of suffering why to seek fleeting illusory pleasures which are mixed with innumerable ways of suffering?

Ego does not want us neither to be conscious of the psychological conditioning nor to be aware of our Divine blissful nature, because the time we will be become aware of them the ego will lose its sovereignty upon us.

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