Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Freedom from desire and the eternal state by Sri Ramana Maharshi

Freedom from desire and the eternal state
by Sri Ramana Maharshi

O foolish mind who is suffering due to the desire for
the petty pleasures of this world and of the next, if
you remain quiet [i.e. without desire] you will certainly
attain that State of Bliss which surely transcends
the pleasures of these two.

Only those who are dead to desires for [the pleasures
of] the vast delusive panorama of the world will have
their life transformed into Siva. There will be no bliss
by any means other than the dawn of the pure and
fresh experience of Self.

The life of Self – the true knowledge [mey-jnana]
which shines forth devoid of the ego-sense due to
the drowning [of the ego] in its source when 
the madness of desire for the petty, illusory
and delusive sense-objects has been completely destroyed –
alone is that which can [truly] satisfy the mind.

Those whose hearts are surging with joy by experiencing
the ever-new ambrosia [amrita] of Self, which
shines brightly in the pure Silence, will not be spoilt
in the world by experiencing the petty sense-objects,
which give a little mad pleasure caused by mental

The reality which is very clearly known by Sages as
the goal [siddhanta] of all Vedas and Agamas, and
the observance of reality [sat-achara] recommended
by all dharma-upadesas, is [nothing but] Silence, the
state of supreme peace.


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