Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Who is the seer ? by Robert Adams

Who is the seer ?
extract from "The Collected Work of Robert Adams Satsangs"

Hello again. It's good to be with you. I talk to many people during the week, bothon the telephone and in person. I speak to Zen Buddhists, Hindus, Americans, all kinds of people, and 80% tell me they're enlightened. Most of them tell me they've experienced the void. Some say they've seen lights. Some say they hear certain sounds. And they say, "What do you think?" So I remark, "Somebody has to be present to experience these things.

As long as somebody is present, and somebody is present or you'll not be able to tell me about it, then there's no enlightenment. Find out who is present and hold onto that you, because you were present to experience the void. You were present to experience the light or the sound. Who is that you? Find out. Hold onto that you. Hold on to I. I was present to experience the void. As long as I am present I cannot possibly be enlightened, because I still exist."

It is like a movie theater. Well, let's take rather a stage theater, stage play, where the lights shine on the players and on the audience. And when the play is over the audience and the actors both leave, but the light still shines, even though it shines on nothing.
So the empty theater is the void. The light is still shining on the void as well as on the people.

A better example is we see a room filled of furniture, the eyes look and they see. Then somebody turns off the light. The eyes are still there but they don't see anything.
That's how the void is compared to the seer. There has to be a seer to see the void. Who is that seer? And you find out by simply inquiring, "Who am I? Where did I come from?

What is the source of I that sees all these things?" Remember, all this phenomena is a projection of your mind. The mind appears to be very powerful. It projects voids, light, sounds, images, as well as the entire universe and as well as your body and mind. It projects itself as mind.
The idea is to stop the projection, and you stop the projection through self-inquiry. This is the fastest way.

So whenever you have some experience, go beyond the experience, because there has to be somebody to have the experience. Just like the eyes see when it’s light, and the eyes are still there when it’s dark, so the I is present when you sleep, the I is present when you dream, the I is present when you are awake. Find out who the I is. Dive deep within, work on yourself.
Just like the article we read just before, forget about the world, forget about others, forget about your body, and inquire of the Self. Find out who the Self is. Who are you? Are there two I’s or one I? There cannot possibly be two I’s because that's duality. There has to be one I only. Find the source of that I. Follow it diligently until you merge with the source.

 Then you will find that you're happier than you've ever been in your life. When you touch the source of I you have bliss, you have absolute reality, you have God.

 This is the most important quest you have. Nothing else is so important.

Can you think of anything else that’s as important? Then why do you worry so much about others? Why do you get mixed up with all kinds of problems? Do your duty, inquire, find the source of I. It doesn't make any difference how long it takes, think of how many incarnations you had to go through in order to be in this class today.

Make yourself happy. Forget about your troubles. They don't exist. Only God exists as your Self. But you must find it out for yourself. Do it!

 Peace  love  harmony