Saturday, April 27, 2013

Self-enquiry, Bhajan & kirtan by Robert Adams

Self-enquiry, Bhajan & kirtan
by Robert Adams

extract from "The Collected Work of Robert Adams Satsangs"

 SF: Another question I think is important but is chanting more advantageous than listeningto music? Like om, or any of that kind of music?

R: Again it depends on the person. Chanting is very, very good. The purpose of chanting is to make your mind one-pointed. So you can realize that you are in silence and you are quiet and you’re still and you’re able to sit in the silence.

 As you know when you chant for about fifteen-twenty minutes or a half hour, you feel very comfortable and very relaxed and very mentally still. Your mind becomes still.

Then you can watch your mind more closely. You can ask, "Who am I?" more sincerely after a chant and the question will go deeper into the Self.

But when you are doing worldly things for instance coming home from work. You have your mind on the TV and then you ask, "Who am I?" it's more superficial. It doesn't go in deep enough.

But when you chant for a while and then you say, "Who am I?" or then you say, "I am." It goes much deeper into consciousness.
(SF: So the question is: Is chanting better than listening to the music?) I should think so, yes. Because your entire being gets involved with the chant.

SY: Robert, what is the purpose of Bhajans?

R: Bhajans, Kirtans, singing, it makes the mind one-pointed. It causes the mind tobecome still. You know yourself when you chant a lot, you become peaceful, you becomestill, you become quiet. So this is the purpose. To make you one-pointed. To prepare you for what's going on. Bhajans are good. Kirtan is good.
SY: So when we have an opportunity to do it, we should do it?
R: Of course, yes. This is what we do Saturdays, about two hours of it. Everybody feels so happy, so blissful. These things have been known for thousands of years, chanting, singing. Takes you away from everyday experiences. Lifts you up. It's good for you. Good for the soul.

 KIRTAN: Om Nama Shivay